Find your perfect pair(s) of glasses

With varied and busy lifestyles, one pair of glasses might not give you the best vision and comfort for all of your day to day needs. Our dispensing teams are experts in identifying just the right pair for any task, so you can get on with enjoying your hobbies with excellent vision, safe in the knowledge that your eyes are protected.

To discuss how an additional pair of glasses could benefit you, why not call your local Walford & Round practice or scroll down to see some of our current suggestions.

For seeing at any distance

In today’s digital world our eyes are working to process information like never before. Continually switching from near to far, you need a lens you can rely on to give you instant sharpness and stable vision even in the most demanding of situations.

For this we recommend choosing the Varilux XR varifocals, which are designed based on the way that your eyes really move to create a more natural vision experience. As your eyes move, your focus will shift seamlessly from near to far. You can look forward to a panoramic field of vision, whatever your working distance, and lenses that will let you maintain your natural posture in all circumstances.

Combining these lenses with a Crizal Sapphire HR coating will enable your lenses to stand the test of life with a durable scratch resistant coating that has a two-year warranty against wear and tear scratching, the highest levels of UV protection available from a clear lens, and a coating that’s easy to keep clean from dust and smudges.

Getting just the right mix of ingredients

Whether you’re cooking up a storm, or just want to see every last detail of your favourite hobby, we’d recommend giving your eyes that little extra helping hand that comes from an Eyezen Boost lens. Designed to reduce visual fatigue and improve the readability of small characters, these lenses feature an optimised power boost to support the eye’s natural focussing efforts.

Combining these lenses with a Crizal UV coating will make your glasses easier with improved water and dust repelling properties, increased scratch resistance and a reduction in distracting reflections from the lens surface.

Enjoying a good book

If you love a good book, whether it’s paper or digital, there’s nothing better than getting comfortable for a relaxing read at the end of the day.

Why not treat your eyes to a pair of glasses that will make your eyes their most comfortable too. No matter what glasses you’ve been wearing during the day, a separate pair of single vision reading glasses will let you get the whole page in effortless focus at once, so no small plot twist goes unnoticed.

We’d recommend that you have the lenses made from a high-index plastic material to keep the thickness and the weight of the lenses to a minimum. As for the frames, perhaps something from one of our flexible ranges, just in case you end up falling asleep sooner than expected!

Find your perfect pair(s) today

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Relaxing infront of the TV

When it’s time to rest after a long day, why not give your eyes a rest too.

If you’re watching the latest blockbusters in widescreen, or catching up on your guilty pleasures on a tablet, a pair of single vision glasses for the television will keep all of the action in sharp focus. Why not choose a funky design for your second pair, after all the whole world’s a stage!

We’d recommend adding a lens with added blue & UV light filtering for optimum comfort and protection. A Crizal Prevencia lens treatment will block 100% of potentially dangerous UV light and also filter out 20-30% of blue-violet light.